Engage with your customers and make them feel valued

Look at me!

I don’t mean this in a ‘look at me, aren’t I wonderful’ way. What I mean is, ‘Oy, look at me when I’m talking to you!

Yesterday I overheard a market stall holder moaning about the lack of business. I was buying from him and therefore providing him with some of that precious business he was so anxious to secure.

But rather than look at me, engage and give me his full attention, he carried on his negative conversation with his mate next door. Even when I asked him to find something for me he continued with his moan. Needless to say I cut my buying short.  Did he want my business or not? Not only did he fail to make me feel valued as a customer, he lost out on additional sales there and then by not listening to what I was asking for.

Hardly surprising he didn’t have much business. I certainly shan’t be taking mine there again….

Sadly we see this all the time, customer service staff continuing their personal conversations in front of the customer, and worse still when actually ‘serving’ the customer. I put the word ‘serving’ in inverted commas as to me this is not serving at all.

OK, rant over, but does this ever happen in your business?

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