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On the eighth day of Christmas my true love sent to me

Some spare time!clock

Anything that saves your customer time will add value.

If people have to queue, make this as painless as possible. Can they be doing other things whilst queuing which will save time once they get served – filling out forms, reading information that might help with their buying decision? At the very least being kept informed of progress and seeing the queue moving.

Review all the touch points on the customers’ journey – where can time be saved; waiting for web pages or images to load, phones being answered more quickly, keeping on top of orders so purchases can be dispatched quickly.

A minute here, and a second there may not seem much individually, but add them all together and you might save your customers considerably time.

Do customers ever have to repeat information they’ve already given, double back to access things they need, or duplicate processes, which not only waste their valuable time, but take more effort on their part. Even if these are industry norms can you be the first to break the mould and do things differently?


Bear in mind, if your business is for entertainment or recreation, you don’t want customers to feel rushed, so apply time savings sensibly and appropriately;

Never compromise quality for speed.

And never use it as an excuse for staff members to cut corners or make mistakes. It’s a fine balance. Test and review and tweak accordingly.


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