FREE Customer Service Strategy Session

Does this describe you?

  • You run a business where the experience your customers receive plays a big part of why they visit or buy from you
  • You’d like to make service and the experience you create for your customers a key point of differentiation and love to get more business from your existing customers
  • You’re dependent on your team to deliver and maintain a memorable customer experience but you’re frustrated they don’t recognise its importance
  • You and your management team get nervous about stepping away from the business at any time as you’re not sure everyone will always deliver a consistent level of service for your customers
  • You want to avoid costly customer service training mistakes
  • You’d be interested in learning some simple and cost effective ways to engage your team in focusing on service

If so then…

…I offer a free of charge Service Strategy Session – my tried, proven and tested process.

During this laser focused 60 minute telephone/Skype session I walk you through my 5 Step Blueprint, I pin point the gaps so you know for certain what needs attention right now.




You get “ah-ha” moments and you also get much needed clarity.
So that by the end of the call you’ll have at least 3 cost effective strategies you can start to action straight away to help engage your team in delivering a memorable customer experience so you get more sales through your existing customers.

What’s the catch?

If I believe I can help you I will present a plan which I can help you deliver – but only if I believe it is right for you.

That’s all! So if you want to set up a session, complete your details on this page.

There is absolutely no charge for this focus session





These Service Strategy Sessions aren’t for everyone.

I only offer 4 of these sessions per month. (My clients pay up to £297 an hour to consult with me, so please recognise how valuable this is.) Please don’t sign up for it if you aren’t prepared and committed to taking some action.

You also need to be willing to uncover any obstacles or ways of working that may be preventing you or your team from achieving the customer experience you want.

And of course you need to be the owner or manager of the business or in a position to implement your strategy.

My talent is in helping you get truly focussed on what you need to do to deliver a consistently great customer experience.

So, if you qualify, and you’re ready to focus on making your customer experience your key point of differentiation and would like a free 60-minute Service Strategy Session with me then book your session today.




I look forward to speaking to you.

Best wishes

Please note: all non UK sessions will be via Skype. If you don’t already have an account with Skype and you are outside the UK, please set this up in advance. It’s free and easy to use!