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Last week I was hosting one of the Business Clinics at the Caterer and Hotelkeeper Business Summit in London. One of the sessions in particular stood out for me, from Jonathan Raggett of Red Carnation Hotels.

He said that in a climate where many hotels and restaurants may be on a level playing field, one way to differentiate is thorough your people. It’s very difficult to fake genuine hospitality.

I’ve always been an advocate of ensuring you have the right people who provide genuine hospitality rather than just going through the motions (see my blog post as an example!)

Amongst all the other very positive things Red Carnation Hotels do to get the best from their teams (and there are plenty I could mention) Jonathan talked about recruiting people with a high ‘HQ’

He listed six things you want to look for in your people: (My apologies to Jonathan if I’ve mis quoted any of this…..)

  1. Kind – good to be around
  2. Curious – see each day as an opportunity
  3. Extraordinary work ethic – Want to get things right
  4. High empathy – be aware of the wake they leave behind them (And recognise you can’t control the mood of our guests)
  5. Emotional self awareness – irrespective of the weather!
  6. Integrity – do things because they care

(I think the original Hospitality Quotient from Danny Meyer is slightly different to this, but the principles are the same)

How much energy do you put into looking for these less tangible qualities rather than just focussing on experience and qualifications, so your team can offer genuine hospitality?


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