Give Little Unexpected Extras to enhance the customer experience

On the 11th day of Christmas my true love sent to megift

A totally unexpected little extra

Delivering what you’ve promised is a given.

But giving Little Unexpected Extras goes beyond that. It doesn’t have to be massive – going the extra mile is good, but just going the extra inch or two can make a difference (and still leaves you with more in the bag to pull out next time!)

Simple things such as getting back to people quicker than anticipated – speed always impresses, including something you thought they’d like just because you know it’s their favourite (the fact you’ve remembered this will of course earn you bonus points), gift wrapping or packing something with a personal touch or greeting because you notice it’s for a special occasion, including something extra just because you think they’ll appreciate it due to the weather, time of day, who they have with them, etc.

All these are unexpected (and spontaneous) extras – all of which are tailored to the individual and situation. So make your ‘extras’ relevant, well timed and personal.


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