Give people a reason to talk about you

There’s nothing like a testimonial or referral to endorse your hotel or restaurant. Pick up any research on advertising effectiveness and you’ll see word-of-mouth at the top of the list.

Many people are likely to be influenced having read testimonials from other guests.

One of the best things about word-of-mouth is it is essentially free. But word-of-mouth can be slow and people are far more likely to tell other people about bad experiences than about good ones.

So how do you get people talking about you, and how do you get referrals? They won’t say good things about you unless you meet and exceed their expectations.

First, do something exceptional. Think of the things that are of high value to your guests but low cost to you so you can give added value. Give people a reason to talk about you.

Then ask for the testimonial. Ask for a comment in the guest book, on email, or on a review site. People need to be prompted.

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