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There was a time when I went on holiday that I was quite happy to sit on the beach and read my book for the duration. I know there are still many who are quite happy to do the same, but I’ve become a bit more action-oriented in my travels. Not only do I want to know what activities and attractions I’ll find at a given destination, but I plan my trip accordingly. And I’m not just talking leisure here; even when I go away on business I like to know they’ll be something to do in my free time.

When marketing your hotel letting guests know what there is to do at and around your hotel is a great way to stand out amongst your competition, particularly if it is something they won’t get elsewhere. And even if what is on offer local to you isn’t unique to your hotel, what will make you stand out is that you’re the one talking about these things (and might also help with your search engine optimisation).

Over the next few days I’ll be sharing my 7 top tips for making the best of your hotel’s activities as a marketing tool…………


1 What to talk about when marketing your hotel

Don’t leave it chance that your prospective guests will know about what’s on offer in and around your hotel; act like a tourist office. Inform guests of what there is to do before they arrive, rather than relying on the leaflets the tourist office provides for you. What are the things available all year round, such as attractions, theme parks and museums, historical sites, etc. What festivals, fares and events take place in your area? Maybe these already attract a lot of business to your hotel, in which case you may want to mention this to encourage people to book early. What about the great outdoors; scenery, walks, gardens, wildlife, anything that may be of interest to your target market?

Build a relationship with your local tourist office to ensure you’re able to keep up to date with what’s happening and when. But also talk about the things they won’t find in the guide books and tourist literature. The little things that can make someone’s stay at your hotel that little bit different or special.

Don’t forget to tell your guests about your hotel’s own in-house entertainment. If you’re in an area or a climate where guests will want to spend a lot of time in the hotel let them know what you have to keep them entertained so they’re not left wondering if they’ll be kicking their heals during the long dark evenings or wet weather.

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