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A Trained and Trusted Team


Nothing frustrates a customer more than being told by a member of staff that they don’t have the authority to make a decision or approve a simple request.

Even more so when the only person who can make the decision is nowhere to be found.

Your customers expect consistency irrespective of who’s on duty…

Give your team the authority they need to make decisions based on their role and individual strengths. Give them license to inject their personality into how they converse with customers. If you’ve recruited the right people, you should be able to trust them to adopt their own approach, and assuming they know the result you are aiming for it allows scope for creativity too.

Empower everyone in the team to make their own personal recommendations and suggestions to customers as they see fit to meet the customer’s needs; it’s always the personal touches customers remember.

Encourage everyone to spot opportunities to do something out of the ordinary for your customers that leaves them feeling they’ve received extraordinary customer service. And give them the confidence to add their own little touches of magic to wow your customers.


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