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Does your Business need a Mobile Website or a Mobile App?

It’s only been since Christmas, when Santa bought me a posh new iPad that I’ve started to appreciate the importance of going mobile.

But mobile is no longer new or the exception; it’s fast becoming the norm. And considering so many of our customers are on the move when they are either searching or booking for recreational activities it makes sense to understand what they can do for you.

So I asked my colleague Bulent Osman, Managing Director at The App Garden Ltd if he’d share his thoughts and recommendations on apps and why they are relevant for today’s hospitality, leisure or tourism businesses.

So today’s post is courtesy of Bulent…..


“As most businesses consider how best to take advantage of the mobile revolution, the first question to answer is: do you need a mobile app or mobile website?

Having a ‘responsive’ mobile website (‘responsive’ meaning fully optimised for different mobile screen sizes) allows anyone who finds your business on a mobile device, to navigate and read your website effectively. We’ve all been frustrated with our smartphones when we have to zoom in, move left and right, up and down, just to read text or click a link. With over 67% of the UK’s population now preferring to use smartphones to browse the Internet, businesses cannot ignore the need to have their websites optimised for mobile. Not having a ‘responsive’ website will mean you will probably lose out on business.

Mobile apps open up a world of new services and communication opportunities with your customer. You can do one-touch calling, GPS directions to your location, send push notifications to provide offers, send event reminders or invite customers to join your mailing list. Having your own beautifully designed, functionally rich mobile app could provide access to live reservations systems, loyalty schemes and to making sales via mobile commerce. Mobile apps are designed to deepen customer loyalty, increase revenue and improve brand image.

So, the answer to this question should now be apparent, you need both! The challenge is to find a provider that can build you both within a reasonable budget, short timescales and a positive attitude to building a long-term partnership.

Having answered this question, the next question is how quickly can you ‘go mobile’? You need to move quickly to take advantage of the global mobile revolution before your competitors do!”

For advice on how to ‘Go Mobile’, contact Bulent Osman, Managing Director of The App Garden on 0203 418 0291 or email info@theappgarden.co.uk.

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