Great customer experiences need great systems

IMG_0244On the seventh day of Christmas my true love sent to me

A system!

Is your business like the seven Swans are swimming, all serene on the surface, but chaos behind the scenes?

To deliver the same consistent level of great customer service and customer experience you have to have systems in place, otherwise no two days will be the same and no two customer experiences will be the same.

To build trust you need to ensure each customer’s second, third, or 30th visit is at least as good as their first.

Review your customer journey regularly to be sure to deliver on every occasion. With regular customers this means continuous improvement, as they will have set expectations, which we need to strive to exceed on every visit.

Have systems for your team to follow to deliver this, whoever is on duty…. Not just your exceptional employees, even your average ones should be able to deliver outstanding service every day.

Your aim should be for Consistency +1%.

Simple things delivered well will always be better than trying to be over sophisticated and delivering it badly.


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