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It was great to meet so many people today at the Grow Your Business Show in Guildford. I hope you all had a very fruitful day, and made lots of good contacts and some potential new business opportunities. Lots of following up to be done now for many of us.

For those who spoke to me after my seminar – thanks for your lovely feedback.  I have to send my apologies to the lady who won the ‘prize’ – what I gave you was in fact something I’d bought for my lunch!  You should have had a lovely box of chocolates, and in my haste this morning I picked up the wrong thing. I only realised when I came to eat my snack!  I’m so sorry, it must have seemed a strange thing to give you…

For those interested, I will be posting my presentation and the 5 lessons in Leadership on the site first thing tomorrow.  In the meantime I feel it’s time to put the kettle on and rest my weary feet.

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