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Last week I wrote about Google places, but it seems some restaurants or hotels haven’t yet mastered the concept of including a postcode or zip code.

Today I went to look up the location of the hotel where I had thought about staying to see how long it would take me to get there from home and how far it was from the venue I was going to visit. It seemed to list everything but the postcode, even down to having the grid reference coordinates for helicopters!

I looked on the homepage, under location, contact details, directions.

Everything but the postcode.

One simple little detail that could make all the difference between someone saying “yes this hotel is ideally situated” or left wondering whether your location is right for them and clicking away from your site to find somewhere else.

Knowing where you are has to be a fundamental part of the decision-making process to book or not to book, and therefore a part of your restaurant or hotel marketing message. If you want to increase your chances of getting more restaurant or hotel bookings make this information as easy as possible for your prospective customers and include on your restaurant or hotel website’s homepage.

Added to this, even if your customers know roughly where you are there’s a good chance they’re going to use their Sat Nav to find you, so make life easy. Better still put the postcode or Sat Nav coordinates and directions in your confirmation e-mail. But please check the Sat Nav coordinates are correct and don’t take your guests up the wrong road! If you know there can be some confusion pre warn guests and give them the coordinates for a key landmark where they need to make a turn and give directions form that point onwards.

It all adds up to a part of great customer service and contributes to the all-important first impression.


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