5 keys to 5 star service

Why Customer Service Training can be a waste of money

If my 33 years training experience has taught me anything it’s that simply putting someone on a course rarely – if ever – gives you results. It’s what happens before and afterwards too that counts.

If all you do is ‘send’ someone on a course and nothing else changes you’ve little chance of them ever putting any of it into practice.

Do this and you’re wasting your money!


5 keys to 5 star service

The Customer Experience needs to be a part of your culture and instilled in everything you do.

Customer service isn’t just the responsibility of the reception or customer service desk.

Everyone in your business contributes in some way to the customer experience either directly or indirectly (or why are they there?).

It must be part of your DNA. It needs to be built into your systems, reflected in your recruitment, instilled in your team, demonstrated throughout the customer journey and delivered by engaged employees.

So in summary I believe there are 5 key ingredients needed to deliver a 5 star customer experience. Training makes up just one of them

  • You need to define your customer service brand values and what constitutes a 5 Star Customer Experience.
  • You need to manage the Customer Journey so it meets and exceeds customers’ expectations from end to end
  • You need a trusted team who understand your values, the part they have to play in delivering them, and have the skills, knowledge and confidence to do so.
  • Your team need to be fully engaged through strong leadership to guide and support them to deliver a consistently 5 star customer experience.
  • And finally you need your systems and resources aligned to the 5 Star Customer Experience you want to create so they help not hinder your team to deliver this

Your team can still be involved in all these areas.

But I hope you agree, it’s a little more than your bog standard customer service training course covers.


The 5 key ingredients to deliver a 5 star customer experience…



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