Why 5 Star

Why is a 5 Star Customer Experience so important?

Let me ask you a question…..

Doesn’t it make you feel good when you get outstanding customer service?

  • Doesn’t it tempt you to spend more?
  • Aren’t you encouraged to come back a second or third time?
  • Doesn’t it make you more inclined to refer or recommend that business to your family and friends?


Wouldn’t you love to have your customers feeling that way about your business, so they spend more, come back more often and recommend you to their friends and family?


Let’s face it; no one is going to want to spend their hard earned cash on poor service or indifferent customer care.

But even a good or average experience will seldom be enough to keep your customers loyal. You have to create something that is different and memorable.

Service is just part of the equation. It’s the whole customer experience that counts, right from the start of the customer journey.


The sad thing

So many businesses invest all their marketing budget, time and effort into bringing in new customers, only to do business with them once and then never to be seen again. So the quest for new customers has to start all over again.

Stop and think about this for a second….


Marketing on its own isn’t enough. We all know that those who have a great customer experience stay longer, spend more and are far more likely to recommend you to others.

So it makes perfect business sense to deliver a consistently great 5 Star Customer Experience. Simply providing ‘good’ service isn’t enough..

Handled correctly repeat customers are significantly easier for you to sell to and MORE PROFITABLE for you than new customers because:

  • They already know who you are and what you offer
  • They have first-hand experience of how well you deliver your product or service and hopefully like the result
  • They have already been on the receiving end of your service so by now you will have started to build trust
  • You now have a relationship them so you’re able to personalise and tailor your communication


It’s estimated it costs anywhere from 5 to 8 times more to gain a new customer than it does in getting repeat business from your existing ones.

So if you were to divert just 50% of the time and energy you currently spend on gaining new customers to looking after your existing customers you’ll soon see a positive impact on your margins.

Your aim is to increase the lifetime value of each customer, to gain the maximum return on all your efforts to win them in the first place.


The shocking truth is that to keep customers being ‘satisfied’ isn’t enough. We need to build loyalty.  And that comes as a result of doing something that helps you stand out, that really wows your customers, and leaves them cared for, appreciated and valued to the extent none of your competitors can.


It’s estimated that over two thirds of customers will fail to return if they feel unappreciated.

This is the number one reason businesses lose customers


So whatever your business – be it hospitality, hair dressing, or heating engineers, whether you’re a gift shop, grocers or a gallery – your business needs to place as strong an emphasis on keeping existing customers as it does on gaining new ones.

So if

  • you’re the owner or manager of an independent business where the experience your customers receive impacts their perception of value
  • you’d love to turn transactional buyers and casual visitors into raving fans and naturally loyal long term customers
  • you need your team to be fully engaged as they’re the ones who you’re dependent on to meet your customers’ expectations and impact the customer experience
  • you’d love your customers to spend more, come back more often or refer you to others
  • and have a genuine passion for what you do and really care about your customers and the experience they get


Then this is what to do next……

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