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Do your hotel staff know the score? ~ Part 4

Never under estimate the impact of sitting down with each member of staff on a one to one basis. Note here the term regular. These should be scheduled so staff can plan for them and around them. And nothing smacks more of “I’m not valued” that one to one meetings being continually cancelled for the slightest reason.

One to ones should be more than just a review of performance. Yes, that’s a part, but they should also be an opportunity to:

  • Giving feedback on specifics (see for a full article on feedback)
  • Talk about their ideas
  • Where they need support and development
  • What you want from them, and they want from you in future
  • Setting goals and direction for the coming weeks and beyond

However these will only be valued if you are true to your word and honour any promises made and can back up your feedback (good or bad) with timely examples. If people’s previous experience of one to one meetings up till now has been bad or at best just a waste of time, it can take time to build trust before these can be totally honest exchanges.

Tomorrow we’ll cover spur of the moment meetings.

One to one’s are a key to effective leadership, and the skills needed will be covered in detail in my forthcoming online leadership coaching programme

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