How to make every day a productive day ~ Part 6

Plan your day in advance

At the end of your work-day make a list of everything you have to do the next day. Clear your workspace completely so that at the start of the next day you can go to work immediately on your priorities.

Prioritise your list to ensure your most challenging or important tasks are at the top of your list. Adopt the ABCDE method. Be ruthless – identify the activities, which only you can do and must do, or else face serious consequences (A tasks). These should be your top priorities. What are the things that you should do, but if you don’t will only have mild consequences (B tasks)? What are the things that are nice to do (C tasks)? What other things that you can delegate to someone else (D tasks) and what are the things that you can eliminate altogether and it won’t make any real difference (E tasks). Starting with A’s schedule how long you plan to spend on each activity.

Discipline yourself to stick to this schedule and not start any activity before the last one is complete,  not to complete any B task until all the A’s are complete, or carry out any activity unless it is on your list.

Try this for three weeks until it becomes a habit!

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