Thank you for ordering the How to Run a Profitable Hotel Promotion Programme

Thank you for ordering 21 Lessons in Running a Profitable Hotel Promotion


As a thank you for purchasing this product you can now get 30% discount on any of the tools in the Hospitality Business Management Toolkit:  Simply go to the Products Page, add your items to cart, go to cart and enter the promotion code HBTMB, and your 30% will be automatically deducted.


Here’s the link to pick up your first lesson.

You should also receive an email with the same link within the next few minutes.

If this does not arrive, check to see if you have a message asking you to confirm your order to complete the sign-up process.

Please also add the following email address to your white list:

You will receive the remaining 20 lessons via email each day over the next 3 weeks.

Along with today’s lesson you’ll get to see the overall schedule; you may want to print this out and keep it handy, so you know what’s coming next.  You’ll also be asked what you want to get from the programme. Doing this will help to keep you focused on your end goal and assuming this goal is important to you, it will help to motivate you too.

Got itchy feet, and can’t wait 21 days to finish the programme?  Well if you really want to get the whole programme at once you can get it here and the excel spreadsheets here. Don’t worry! You’ll still get a reminder message each day, to prompt you to take some action.

Good luck with the programme.

Best wishes





P.S. Don’t forget to take advantage of your 30% discount on all the other tools in the Hospitality Business Toolkit.

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