How to waste your hotel marketing budget

Is your hotel making any of these mistakes…..?

Last week my husband and I read a full page colour advert in one of the colour supplements for a holiday we’d been thinking about for a while. This was the Saturday paper and at lunchtime on Saturday I went to their website to find more details. So far so good, the advert had grabbed our attention and had a very clear call to action.

But the website didn’t match the advert. The specific holiday advertised was difficult to find and when I did find it the prices quoted in the advert didn’t seem to be available. So I’m already starting to lose faith in the company.

Undeterred I picked up the phone to ask for more details. Bearing in mind this was the day the advert came out I was rather surprised that the number they gave went directly to a voicemail saying there was no one available to take our call. I was given a selection of options, one of which included requesting a brochure. Fine, all I needed at this point was a brochure, so I selected this option.

Even this bit they couldn’t get right, as I was immediately put on hold!

Quite frankly I have better things to do with my Saturdays and realise there are plenty more companies offering similar holidays. As my first impression was so poor, needless to say this company will not be getting my business. I wonder just how much potential business they lost on that day, and what damage this did to their credibility.

When your hotel does any marketing or promotional activity how prepared are you, your team and your systems for the response you get? Or are you just turning people away and wasting your hotel marketing budget?

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