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Creating Service Superstars

I’m super excited to announce my book ‘Creating Service Superstars’ is now published.


It is a manager’s guide to building your team’s confidence, initiative and commitment to creating a memorable customer experience.

I’ve kept it nice and short (69 pages) so it’s an easy read and hopefully doesn’t become one of those tomes gathering dust on the book shelf and never gets read.

This is some of the feedback I’ve had to date…

“I love love love your book.  I can hear you in the pages.  Much of what we discussed is echoed here in your book.  This tells me that you have a command of your craft and are a true subject matter expert. 

“I find the book extremely easy to read and easy to follow.  I love how your examples cover various industries. I find the “Actions” section at the end of the chapters very helpful.

“I consider you an authority on the topic and am so humbled you asking me to read your book pre-release.”

“Caroline’s new book is a treasure trove of ideas for any customer service team member – and any manager or leader involved in this critical area of the business. In fact – it should be mandatory reading for anyone who touches a customer – regardless of their job title or function.

“This book is a self-learning tool anyone interested in improving service will benefit from as they apply the ideas, methods and systems.

“ Creating Superstars is an essential guide for the service industry, whichever sector you work in. This book brings to life Caroline’s  extremely effective customer service  workshops. Starting with a  clear vision from the leaders to enthusing the team and generating that essential oxygen of customer loyalty”

“I do not hesitate in recommending this book to anyone who really wants to grow their business.”

“I think it is fabulous, I started off thinking this is exactly how I think and I want to give it to my staff telling them that this is what I am talking about, please read it three times over and start embracing! I think for some people it will be a light on moment.”

It’s available NOW on Amazon. You can get instant access to the Kindle version for just 99p from Amazon UK or $1.22 on Amazon.com. It will only be available at this launch price until next weekend (15th January) so order it now while you can.

And if you like the book and would be happy to write a review for me on Amazon I’d be delighted to send you a complimentary copy as a thank you. (I just ask you pay a contribution to postage if sending to outside the UK). You can always pass it on to a customer or a supplier if you don’t want to read it again!

p.s. here are the links again to grab your copy by Sunday 15th

UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Creating-Service-Superstars-confidence-initiative-ebook/dp/B01NAL0898/

Rest of world: https://www.amazon.com/Creating-Service-Superstars-confidence-initiative-ebook/dp/B01NAL0898/

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p.p.s. To claim your complimentary copy drop me an email to let me know you’ve written a review and tell me the name you’ve used (as I’d love to find out what you thought!).






5 ingredients to deliver a consistent customer service

With Valentine ’s Day last Friday no doubt you had plenty of messages about love.

heartBut will all those who sent you these messages still love you tomorrow; or was it just a flash in the pan?

Make your customers feel loved every day, not just on Valentine’s Day.

Consistency in customer service is without a doubt a key ingredient to keep your customers happy. Being all over them one day, and ignoring them the next simply leaves them confused and they’ll soon be off elsewhere!

So just what are you doing to show your customers a bit of love every day?

Here are my 5 ingredients to help you do this…

Ingredient 1

Define the experience you want your customer to have. What will they be saying about you, doing or feeling as a result of buying from you? Focus on this every day with everything you do, and share this with your team

Ingredient 2

Review the whole of your customer journey from end to end. How well does this deliver the experience you envisaged above? What’s their first impression when they visit your website, a review site or social media? What’s the very last impression, the last thing they see, hear (or even smell) on their way out, or after their purchase?

Ingredient 3

Recruit people who have pre requisite skills and attitude to deliver the experience you’re aiming to give. Then give them customer service training to give them the skills, knowledge, confidence and authority to deliver this day in day out, so you don’t need to worry about what they’re doing whilst you’re not there. And your customers get the same level of service whoever they’re served by.

Ingredient 4

Check your resources and systems are designed around your customer experience expectations, to make it simple to deliver not hinder every step of the way. Too much red tape, insufficient manpower for peak periods, out dated systems, mal functioning equipment all have an impact on the customer as well as testing your team’s patience.

Ingredient 5

Engage your team, so they’re enthusiastic and happy. Nothing will impact a customer more than the emotional state of the people who serve them.

So just 5 things to think about and focus on to give your customers consistency.  Of course if you need any help with any of these, drop me an email to caroline@naturallyloyal.com  and we can talk…


Great customer experiences need great systems

IMG_0244On the seventh day of Christmas my true love sent to me

A system!

Is your business like the seven Swans are swimming, all serene on the surface, but chaos behind the scenes?

To deliver the same consistent level of great customer service and customer experience you have to have systems in place, otherwise no two days will be the same and no two customer experiences will be the same.

To build trust you need to ensure each customer’s second, third, or 30th visit is at least as good as their first.

Review your customer journey regularly to be sure to deliver on every occasion. With regular customers this means continuous improvement, as they will have set expectations, which we need to strive to exceed on every visit.

Have systems for your team to follow to deliver this, whoever is on duty…. Not just your exceptional employees, even your average ones should be able to deliver outstanding service every day.

Your aim should be for Consistency +1%.

Simple things delivered well will always be better than trying to be over sophisticated and delivering it badly.


five keys to 5 star service

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love sent to me…

five gold keys to 5 star service

Star white

I believe there are five things that make up 5 star service:

Defining and sharing your customer service values

Define the type of experience you want your customers to have and work backwards. Ask yourself what you liked them to feel, say or do as a result of doing business with you, based on what’s of importance to your customers. Once you’re clear on this it’s a lot easier to determine all the things that need to be in place to enable this to become a reality.

The customer journey

Review your customer journey from end to end starting at the point your customers first hear about you. Get into their shoes and look at everything from their perspective; it’s the little things that can make such a massive difference to a great, mediocre or disappointing customer experience.*

Trusted team

Empower your team and encourage them to use their judgement to do whatever is best for your customers. Provide them with the relevant skills, knowledge and confidence to meet your customer service values.

Great leadership

Be the perfect role model for your team by demonstrating how much you value your customers. Give them the relevant support, tools, resources and training to meet your customer service values.

Systems and resources

Make sure everything’s in place so everyone your team can meet your customers’ expectations consistently. Not just your exceptional employees, even your average ones should be able to deliver outstanding service every day. (More on this on the seventh day of Christmas!)

* Review your own Customer Journey with my Customer Journey Audit Checklists 


What a difference a day makes

I discovered a new hotel last week, perfect for my visit. And my stay there was great; a warm welcome, spotlessly clean room, free use of Mac, delicious breakfast. So when I had to travel to the same city again this week I naturally booked in again.

But what a difference a week makes. Or was it just the day of the week. Either way, I was disappointed.

There wasn’t any one major problem,  just lots of little things that made the whole experience a let down after last week.

There was a stain on the carpet, the carpet was fraying as it met the bathroom tiles, the bathroom floor felt slightly tacky under bare feet, the start of that build up of yellowing limescale around the plug hole in the basin and in the corners of the shower, a small tear in the bedroom curtains.

Was I just oblivious to these on my previous stay? I don’t think so, as I remember noting how clean and fresh everything was. So how come there could be so many niggling problems this time? Was it down to the room maid, housekeeping audits, maintenance schedules, poor systems?

I don’t know for sure, but one clue was that when I gave some feedback to reception of all these points, she went through the motions of caring, and was very apologetic. But the clue was she never asked for my room number, or even what floor I was on; so how on earth do they hope to rectify the problem?

The morale of this tale? What systems do you have in place to ensure consistent and exceptional customer service, so your guests know what to expect every time they visit?


Find resources and free downloads to help keep consistency for your hotel here.