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Customer Service Week ideas

Customer Service WeekCustomer Service Week

This week is customer service week, and today is Customer Experience Day. Don’t ask me why the two events ended up falling in the same week, but it’s a good opportunity to raise awareness of customer service and the critical role the customer experience plays in running a successful business. For you, it creates the perfect opportunity to raise awareness within your own team of their vital contribution and to remind customers how much you appreciate their business.

Will you be doing anything to mark the event?

Over the past few days I’ve been sharing tips on LinkedIn on some ways to demonstrate your commitment to delivering great customer service and a great experience for your customers. (If we’re not yet connected on LinkedIn please drop me an invitation here so we can get connected now.)

In case you missed them here’s a summary of those ideas…

  1. Give recognition to your team members who go the extra mile for customers. Whether it’s a thank you card, a hand written letter or a small token gift, it’s the thought that counts.
  2. We all know businesses who give incentives to new customers but do nothing to reward long term loyal customers. Reverse this thinking and demonstrate your appreciation of loyalty.
  3. How can you add some GLUE, i.e. Give Little Unexpected Extras (by the way, this principle goes down well with team members as well as customers).
  4. Your team are often much closer to your customers than you are. Get them to reflect on each stage of the customer journey and ask for their ideas on what they’d change if it was their business.
  5. Review all the positive feedback you’ve received from your customers in the past couple of months; it lets you know what they like best and what they appreciate, and gives you great insights into what you could do more of to delight customers. (Great recognition and motivation for your team too!) If you’ve not collated any feedback pick up the phone to your most recent customers and ask for their feedback and what they think you can be doing to make your service even better.
  6. Be proactive and pre-empt what customers might want, what questions they might have or challenges they might encounter, and offer solutions before they even ask! Think beyond your own products and services; your aim is to take away the headache of solving their problem.
  7. Everyone likes a freebie! Offer your customers the chance to sample what you offer before they buy, just like they do in the ice cream shops… Or invite your regulars to preview new offerings before they go on sale, e.g. A tasting session of your new menu. It’s a great opportunity to demonstrate you care about your customers opinions, and get some valuable feedback.
  8. Look for ways to save customers time and effort. If that means introducing a premium or fast track service you are at least giving customers the option; you may be surprised how many take you up on the offer.
  9. Thank your suppliers to show you appreciate their support and contribution to ensuring your customers get a great experience, and ask them for any ideas to improve your CX.
  10. Have some fun! Play CX focussed games, do something to entertain your customers, or challenge your customers in a fun way e.g. a photobooth or selfie contest.

Naturally, these ideas aren’t limited to customer experience day or customer service week. Creating a service culture isn’t a one off activity, so don’t panic if you’ve done nothing this week to mark the occasion. Pick one of the ideas above and do it tomorrow and pick a couple more to carry over to next week.

Your team, your suppliers and your customers don’t mind when you show your appreciation, just so long as you do it!

Take Action

If you only do one thing, say thank you to your team for their contribution to creating a great customer experience.

P.s. If you’d like some ideas of activities to engage your team in customer experience and service skills here are 38 activities

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