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Maintain a team spirit and have some fun as a team

Maintain a team spirit

If your team are on furlough or working from home it’s still important to maintain a team spirit. One of the things we discussed on my webinar last week was the importance of still doing things together as a team to keep the team spirit alive, and make it easier once everyone is back together in the same space to work as a team.

In the same way that you might under normal circumstances, don’t let the lockdown prevent you from doing things together as a team.

There are plenty of activities you can do online, where people can work as a team. Anything from quiz nights to virtual escape rooms, horseracing, cocktail masterclasses, wine tastings, etc.

Whatever you do, the focus should be on having some fun with colleagues. If there’s some relevant learning to be had as a result (such as wine tasting), so much the better, but that shouldn’t be a prerequisite.

If you have the outdoor space to allow it (and a good weather forecast!), is there an opportunity to get your team together in person? Of course, still maintaining social distancing and any other government guidelines.

Taking part in a charitable event – be that fundraising, volunteering, or simply raising awareness – can be a rewarding way of bringing people together and maintain a team spirit, even if virtually. It’s Red Nose Day this Friday, so what opportunities does this – or any other forthcoming fund raising events – give for working together or simply having some fun.

Remember to celebrate what’s been good about the past 12 months. Has anyone learnt a new skill, or achieved a qualification since the start of lockdown? Who has had a significant event, birthday, or anniversary, and missed out on the opportunity to celebrate with others? What achievements have you had within the business: supporting key workers, new services, renovations, etc?

Take action to maintain a team spirit

If you only do one thing, whether your team are working from home or on furlough, find a reason to get everyone together to have some fun and banter.

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