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Full marks to my local pub

This week I went out with a group of friends – 40 of us (all women) in total for Christmas dinner at one of our local pubs.

The pub has recently changed hands and most of us had not been there since. Whereas so many places make life as difficult as possible when there is such a large group, I give them full marks for getting things right on the night.


  • We had a warm welcome, and were served promptly with our drinks.
  • On arrival they asked each of us to indicate where we were sitting, so our food could be brought directly to us, rather than the usual shouting ‘who ordered the …..’ when no one can remember what they ordered 2 weeks ago.
  • Everything was hot and on hot plates so stayed warm throughout the meal.
  • Everything came as per the menu description, so no disappointments.
  • The staff were friendly and there were enough of them to keep pace, and we all managed to eat at the same time.
  • Plenty of extra vegetables and gravy for those who wanted.


So that’s 40 happy customers who might be tempted to come there again with their friends and families.

So far, so good….

But now we all have an incentive to do so, as each of us was presented with a little booklet of different offers to tempt us back during January and February.

Not rocket science, I know! But I’m amazed at how few people seize this ideal opportunity to showcase what they can do to such a captive audience, or miss the chance to capitalise on their good experience with an incentive to entice them back again.


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