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The power of smart systems for your business and improving productivity.

Hotel management software company, Preno, shares why the right software has the power to revolutionise the way you work.

Running a business with out-of-date tools can cost time, patience, and money. When daily tasks like stock-taking, bookings management, and reconciliation are done manually, they waste hours of valuable time every day. At Preno, we think those hours should be spent focusing on business growth and customer experiences – instead of elbows-deep in admin. 

Our hotel management software is designed to streamline and simplify the way accommodation owners run their businesses. So it’s no surprise that we believe smart software solutions can change the way you work for the better. Here are just a few core reasons why.

A smart system keeps your business hyper-connected

When you’re running your business on multiple disconnected systems – like Excel spreadsheets, Google calendar, and an accountant – crucial data and information can be easily lost. One integrated system keeps things far simpler. For example, you might use Xero’s accounting software to take care of finances, and another industry-specific software solution (like Preno) to manage point-of-sale, stock-taking, customer service, and more. Used together, the two platforms will give you one connected system for everything from sales to accounting. A seamless approach like this means fewer mistakes, less double-handling of information, and better communication across departments. 

You can learn even more about what makes your business tick

The best software solutions don’t just keep all of your information in one easy-to-access place. They also come with reporting features that let you in on valuable insights that you might otherwise have missed. Many smart systems offer daily, weekly, or monthly overviews of how things are tracking – analysing metrics like revenue, sales, and customer demographics. You can then use these handy details to make more informed business decisions. For example, you could learn which type of customer is likely to spend the most money at your business, then invest in advertising that specifically targets those high-value customers. For the hotel-owners who use Preno, these reports can reveal useful information about their guests. Their staff can then use that information to create a more tailored experience – leaving the team feeling empowered to act, and their guests feeling incredibly well looked after.

Smarter systems mean more time to grow your business
When you’re busy running a business, time really is money – and the right software will give you back plenty of it. From emails, to payments – systems let you automate just about everything. No more long nights replying to emails, or manually re-entering information across different platforms. With a smart system like Preno, the routine admin is all taken care of, so hotel-owners can focus on taking care of their guests. Automation isn’t the only way smart software saves valuable time. When there’s only one system to learn, you can drastically cut down the time it takes to train your team to master multiple tools. And all those hours you’re saving on repetitive admin, you can spend finding ways to focus on your customers and build your business for the better.

In today’s world, smart systems aren’t just the best way to run your business. They’re the only way to run your business.  

So do a little digging, and find the right software solution to help your business grow. And if you’re a hotel owner or operator looking for a cloud-based property management software you can rely on, try Preno for free. 

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