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A blog is for life, not just for Christmas! Ideas for your hotel or restaurant blog

Yesterday I presented via Skype to a group of delegates taking part in a social media workshop in Cape Town. I was asked for my ideas on blogging for hospitality businesses.

So many hotels start off their blog with a bang and then their inspiration and their blog posts fizzle out. One thing that so many people get hung on is what they can write about.

Here are a few ideas I shared with the group…

Blog themes

  • Breaking news – set up a Google Alerts for topics relevant to your target audience e.g. what’s on in your town, or whatever topic is relevant to your USP or of interest to your target audience
  • Your most frequently asked questions
  • A-Z series of your expert topic

Show your personality

  • A day in the life of: your chef, housekeeper, sommelier, receptionist, events organiser
  • Their top tips to share with customers
  • What’s happening in your world both on site and out and about
  • Get your staf to tell their own story – their background, experience, how they came to be working for your hotel / restaurant

From the kitchen

  • Your new menu and how it’s been created (and pictures)
  • Seasonal dishes to try at home
  • About your sustainable sourced foods and other supplier stories
  • A trip to the market or market garden
  • Chef’s views on food on holiday and new recipes / flavours to try out
  • Recipes failures with a funny story

Act like a travel agent

  • The weather forecast for the coming week
  • What’s on locally of interest to make a day out of their visit
  • Suggest  some potential holiday itineraries with maps
  • What’s happening at other attractions in the area (and ask for a reciprocal arrangement with your neighbouring venues)
  • A snippet of local history
  • Guest or staff reviews things to do – walks, day’s out, local attractions,etc

From the garden

  • Seasonal activity e.g. planting, pruning, harvesting from the vegetable garden
  • Gardener’s tips on pruning, pest control, garden maintenance
  • Fruits and vegetables in season (combine with Kitchen blog for recipes)

From the wine cellar

  • Review of a wine from your list
  • Seasonal activity e.g. the harvest, planting, pruning
  • This year’s grape harvest – what’s good, what impact weather, etc will have on the harvest, and the wine
  • Expert’s corner – tasting tips, buying tips, storing wines, what makes your wines different


  • Ask customers for their feedback and ask if you can use their quotes. Better still video them
  • Write mini case studies of events activities to help demonstrate the breadth of what you can offer in the way of activities of facilities
  • An example of where one of your team have gone the extra mile for a customer

Joint ventures

  • Team up with others who share your customer list and guest blog. E.g. wedding photographer on top photo tips, your fishmonger for buying fresh fish, fish recipes; your florist for tips on getting cut flowers to last longer, on flower arranging, etc.

Your news

And of course don’t forget to blog about what you are up to, what you have planned, what’s to look forward to.

  • Your hotel in the news.
  • Any awards entered or won
  • Changes and/or improvements you’ve made
  • Future and current promotions, offers and packages
  • A recent success story e.g. review or feedback from a recent event

Obviously this list is far from exhaustive, but once you get going you’ll find it easiera dn easier to spot opportunities and ideas of wht to share with your readers and custmers.

Thanks to Heather @ Chefforfeng’s Weblog for her contribution and ideas towards this blog