If you don’t want wasted time and effort

conscious competence modelWhen carrying out customer service training as well as sharing knowledge (e.g. about your products) we are developing skills, and skills require practice and feedback to get them right and build confidence.

During the training you would have established the standards, your expectations, and hopefully people will have had a chance to practise their skills in a safe environment.

But, sometimes the only way to really hone these skills and develop true competence is once applied on the job. It simply can’t always happen in the confines of the training room.

When we learn anything new we always begin at stage 1 on the conscious competence learning model, and end at stage 4 – ‘unconscious competence’, having passed through stage 2 – ‘conscious incompetence’ and – 3 ‘conscious competence’.

At the point people finish training they are somewhere between consciously incompetent and consciously competent.

At consciously competent you still have to stop and think about how you do something, it doesn’t flow naturally. It takes longer and you’re still learning a little from trial and error. Confidence can be low as you get to grips with it all. Think of it as you were when you first passed your driving test.

So when you plan your training, schedule time to allow the team member(s) to practise and get feedback on how they are doing. It might still be on the job, but don’t expect them to be able to put everything into practice perfectly straight away. If you do you run the risk of losing their confidence. And when something doesn’t work right first time around it’s all too easy for them to go back to their old and familiar ways.


Wasted time and effort in the training.

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