Is anyone guilty of faking great customer service in their hospitality business?

A trip to my local garden centre yesterday was going so well. The girl who helped us knew her stuff and was very helpful in helping us find what I wanted. She went out of her way to suggest things and help us find them in the store. All great service up till that point.

Then all that goodwill and rapport she’d built up with us just went out of the window when we got to the check out when she proceeded to carry on the conversation with her colleague who was serving us at the till.  Not only was it inappropriate for us to hearing about her ailments, which frankly we were not interested in, she was distracting her colleague who should have been focusing on US, the customer!

Are we ever guilty of this in our hotel, restaurant or hospitality businesses? We go all out to give a great first impression making the guest feel special, then do something at the last minute that leaves them feeling it was all a fake.

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