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Have you ever heard yourself saying ‘Keep in touch’? When we leave a job, or made friends on holiday we often come out with a remark such as this, whilst at the back of our mind thinking we are unlikely to see or speak to these people ever again.

But can we afford to do this when it comes to our valued restaurant customers? We’ve worked so hard to get them in the first place, so surely we want to do everything we can to get them back. Simply saying ‘I hope to see you again soon’ is not enough. Hoping or wishing them to return needs some action on our part to make it a reality.

Yesterday we talked about how to build your list, so don’t waste that valuable database by doing nothing with it.

Keeping in touch is a great way to continue to build the relationship with your restaurant customers and keep you in their mind when the time comes for a return visit or when asked to make a recommendation.

How you keep in touch will be dependent on the type of business you have, and the messages you want to convey. Obviously email is the cheapest and easiest option. But if you have an audience who are less IT savvy (someone like my father comes to mind, who would never even had a computer, let alone an email address) then a physical mailing or phone call may be a better option. And let’s be honest here, how many emails get deleted before even being opened these days, so it’s not always the most reliable format. A hard copy mailing with a hand written envelope, a small gift, or something quirky will often get someone’s attention far more effectively than 10 emails.

Irrespective of the format the important thing is to keep in touch. And not just to bombard people with offers that they are not interested in.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about how to use your customer contact list for existing customers.

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