Keep it relevant and make it easy

Here’s part 2 of my 7 top tips for making the most of your hotel’s activities in your hotel marketing

2 Focus on only the most interesting

One way to help market a hotel is to let your guests know what there is to do.  But, when deciding what to list as ‘things to do’ on your hotel’s website, the list of potential activities could be endless, so focus instead on only the most interesting. What makes something interesting? Get feedback from your existing hotel guests.

What are the types of things that they do when they stay with you, what do they enjoy, what do they see as value for money. Did activities live up their billing? What exceeded their expectations? What are the things that prompted them to come to you in the first place; whether any particular events, activities or attractions have bought guests to your area? What are the hidden treasures that people enjoyed while staying? What has been recommended by friends and family?


3 Making it an easy option

Knowing what’s on offer is one thing; knowing whether it’s feasible is another. Let your hotel guests know the practicalities – how far, how to get there, when places are open. Give hotel guests contact details or links to other websites (test these regularly in case they change). Do certain activities need to be booked in advance, and if so can you organise this for guests? How easy is it to get from your hotel to the activity in question? And provide maps and timetables both before and during their stay.

Make it as easy as possible for your guests to take part in these activities. If guests like walking, will they get frowned on for bringing in their muddy boots, or do you have facilities for getting wet weather gear and walking boots dry. If you’ve fantastic fishing can you organise permits and fishing tackle? If access to some venues is a problem, what can you do to help get them there?

All this adds up to making your hotel stand out from the competition and helps with marketing your hotel

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