Keep your restaurant menu simple

Do you find a menu with 25 items tempting or just off putting? It’s one thing to offer choice, but too many itmes on the menu just confuses your guests. And for you it leads to more stress and wastage.

Keep your menu simple, and well within the capabilities of your chef(s), equipment and front of house staff.

A smaller range of dishes prepared and served well will always fare better than an extensive menu that stretches skills and resources to the limit. Fewer items means a more streamlined kitchen, and gives your team the opportunity to spend time on each dish, instead of stessing about too many different dishes.  It also means lower stock, so better stock turnover and less wastage, helping you keep your kitchen costs down.

It allows you more flexibility to change your menu daily or offer specials to take account of seasonal availability – giving you the best quality ingredients, with the best flavour and at the best possible price.

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