The last hurdle

The level of service a guest receives should be maintained right the way through to leaving the car park at the end of their stay.

Breakfast on their last day should be memorable for the right reasons; consistent service and being mindful of people’s travel plans and not wanting to be held up.

Offering a helping hand with their bags not just down to reception but out to their cars too.

Having guests’ bills ready when they come to check out (or offering the option to have these settled up the night before) so their lasting memory is not one of hanging around to part with their money, and getting irritated that their travel schedule is getting behind. Reminding them of any procedures to get out of the car park, such as a token or a pin number at the exit barrier.

These basics extend to conference guests and organisers too. All too often I find that conference and event organisers are nowhere to be found at the end of a long day when you truly appreciate a helping hand with clearing up after the meeting or conference and getting equipment back to your car.


Delivering outstanding customer service generally stems back to getting people engaged, enthused and focused. This is what the Leading for Peak Performance 29 Day Challenge is all about, and starts on 29th February

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