Going the extra mile for your hotel guests

What can you do to make their onward journey all the easier? Assisting with online airline check-in, arranging taxis, looking up train times, printing out directions for the onward journey; checking the travel updates; looking up an updated weather forecast of their next destination; and doing all of these things the night before they leave and offering to do it before being asked.¬† Helping them get on their way by scraping ice off their windscreen (or washing off the squashed insects, depending on your climate and time of year); writing out a list of your favourite coffee or lunch stops en route to their destination; highlighting the worthwhile detours to visit a hidden gem that they won’t find in the guidebook, or to avoid a tedious bottleneck; sending them off with a little travel goody bag of a bottle of water and a snack if they a long journey ahead of them, or a little puzzle or game to keep the kids amused for a moment or two.


Delivering outstanding customer service generally stems back to getting people engaged, enthused and focused. This is what the Leading for Peak Performance 29 Day Challenge is all about, and starts on 29th February https://www.naturallyloyal.com/coaching/leading-for-peak-performance-29-day-challenge/

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