Show you appreciate your guests’ custom

Your relationship shouldn’t end the minute they walk out the door. Keep in touch with your guests. The first and most obvious way to make contact with them after they’ve left is to write and thank them for their business. Not a mass produced impersonal e-mail, but a personalised letter sent by good old-fashioned snail mail with a handwritten signature. Even better if the whole thing is handwritten on a thank you card.

What better way to show your appreciation (and giving an incentive to return) than with a voucher of some kind for them personally or to pass to a friend or colleague if a return visit in person is unlikely. Again make this personal; there’s little value in offering a complimentary bottle of wine to a teetotaller, for example.  If they have been celebrating an event extend this to their next anniversary.  Or if they only ever stay on company business on expenses, tailor the offer to something they’ll benefit from personally. If you missed out on the opportunity for the little finishing touches mentioned earlier, now might be the perfect time to send them the information, gift or little extra that leaves them with that lasting memory of “Wow, what an amazing place, that was amazing service”.

Delivering outstanding customer service generally stems back to getting people engaged, enthused and focused. This is what the Leading for Peak Performance 29 Day Challenge is all about, and starts on 29th February

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