Let your hotel guests see what they are buying

When you go shopping, do you like to see what you are buying?

Even with Argos you get to see a picture in the catalogue and a full specification, and when you shop on line you get a full description and usually a picture. 

So should we expect our hotel or bed and breakfast guests to settle for anything less?

What do you need to tell them?

  • Your location and postcode
  • How to get there
  • About the surrounding area
  • Prices and packages
  • Availability how to contact you
  • What you provide in your rooms
  • Sample menus representative of current menu
  • Specifications of your function rooms
  • Details of function catering options
  • Your amenities
  • Things to do in the hotel and in the area
  • What events are happening in your area
  • Feedback and testimonials from happy guests
  • A bit about you and your team
  • What makes you different

What do you need to show them?

  • Your bedrooms – and if they are all different, show them all
  • Your restaurant
  • Breakfast
  • Lounge, bar, or any other public areas
  • Outside areas – approach, pool, gardens
  • A virtual tour of the hotel and rooms
  • Local surroundings
  • Happy guests
  • Welcoming staff
  • Something that makes you different

Use good quality professional photographs, which show your hotel or bed and breakfast in the best possible light. And then label your photos, with full descriptions so people know what or who it is (and help with SEO too).

And when there are so many other places to choose between, make sure you have the added detail and distinction that gets you the booking.

Maximising your on line visibility is one of the topics being discussed in my current interview series “How to Give Your Hotel a Competitive Edge“. Register here now  to gain access to the calls and online replays.

Caroline Cooper

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