"Management Development Programmes for first line managers"

How managers manage their team can have a domino effect on your whole business.

When first line managers lack the skills and confidence to lead their team effectively it will be picked up their team, their colleagues and ultimately your customers.

The result is:

      • Disengaged and unhappy staff
      • A poor customer experience
      • Low productivity
      • High levels of stress and absenteeism
      • Staff turnover
      • Frustrated colleagues
      • Lack of trust

....And ultimately leaving the manager in question even less confident, so it’s a vicious circle.

Management Development for First Line Managers

So what's the solution? 

Why is it so difficult?

Let’s consider some of the challenges they face:

      • Lack of confidence in dealing with performance issues
      • Discomfort of managing friends or colleagues they’ve worked alongside for years
      • Vague expectations of their team
      • Thinking any problems will go away
      • Mixed messages when different managers have different standards
      • Lack of trust in the team and the ability to let go
      • Striking a balance between doing and directing

These are just some of the challenges inexperienced managers face

In an ideal world people are prepared for the role in advance, with a structured development plan.

But of course, we don’t all live in an ideal world, and often they take up their role with little exposure to leading a team.

Either way, it’s never too late to start.

Management Development for First Line Managers

Here are 4 ways I can help

Development Planning

Support in drawing up a development plan for your existing or potential future managers.

For most people, a combination of off job and on job development works best.

I can help you identify suitable potential development activities to tap into a range of resources and opportunities to appeal to different levels of experience and different preferences for learning.

Online open workshops

I run a monthly management masterclass and periodic short courses (5-7 sessions) for a quick kick start for managers.

Or join my membership programme for longer term support, training and resources to develop leadership skills

In house development programmes

If you have a team of managers who need to brush up on their skills or need to work more closely together, we can plan the programme to suit your specific needs.

This might include in house half or full day workshops, online tutorials, access to support resources, one to one coaching.

You might be looking to focus on just one topic, or a range of skills.

1:1 coaching

If you have just one or two individuals in your team who need support with managing their team, one to one coaching might be the best option.

This provides the opportunity for sessions to be tailored specifically around their individual needs and we can go at a pace to suit them. These can be delivered in person or online (or a combination of both)

Tailored to your needs

Before we do anything we’ll discuss the best options and approach for your team based on their development needs, experience, and preferred learning styles.

*  I don’t believe in being a “jack of all trades” so if there is a topic or skill you need that I don’t feel is within my area of expertise I will always tell you, but can usually recommend a trusted trainer or coach who I’ve worked with in the past.

Set up a no obligation call with me today, to discuss your management development needs and identify the best options for your managers and potential managers

We have just concluded the Fresh Start programme – the 7 weekly modules proved to be very informative and enjoyable.

As we undertook the programme whilst several members of the management team were on furlough, it also proved to be a great way to keep in touch with our colleagues. It kept them engaged and has given them a skills and confidence boost in readiness for them returning to work and leading their teams through new ways of working and service delivery.

The overarching theme of change management has been particularly useful in the current climate and I know that we are now a stronger team, better able to cope with and manage the challenges ahead when our business resumes.

I would certainly recommend this programme as a positive and interactive way to engage with a team, to get the best from individuals – leaders and operatives – and to focus on strengthening teams and maintaining teamwork to ensure an exceptional and consistent customer service ethos.

Andrew Edwards, Royal Russell School (Catering)

Thank you so much Caroline for the fantastic week of Lessons in Leadership.

It was great week of learning and so many great tips too.

Thank you, Olivia.

Olivia Easby, Wedding & Events Executive

Instead of asking "What if I train them and they leave?"
the question should be
"What if I don't train them and they stay?"