Out of the blue

I love it when I get a call out of the blue….

Last week I was contacted by someone who attended an in house workshop for one of my clients….. 4 years ago. She’s since move companies and is now in a position when she needs some support. Remembering how much she got from the workshop all that time ago, and having retained her notes from the workshop (which she says she still refers to from time to time) she contacted me to see if I could deliver what they needed.

The morale of this tale?

It really doesn’t matter what type of business you are in here are 3 easy lessons to getting more repeat business:

  • Wow your customers sufficiently the first time around that they remember you (even 4 years down the line)
  • Give them something as a memento that’s good enough quality that they’ll want to keep it (in this case a bound booklet of the workshop notes, but for your restaurant or hotel make it something relevant to what you offer and may suggest something they might want in the future).
  • Ensure they have your contact details so when the time comes they can get in touch.

I’d also add a 4th element to this if I had the option – to capture their details so you can keep in touch. Even though I didn’t do this 4 years’ ago, I certainly will be doing so now!

So if you want more repeat business from your hotel or restaurant, make sure you are doing all the above…….

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