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7 reasons why customer service training fails and how to get your customer service training delivering REAL results

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You recognise the service your customers receive might well be the most memorable part of doing business with you. And you understand to deliver good customer care your team need to know what constitutes good service, and have the customer service skills to deliver this.

Let’s face it… if we don’t take time out to show our team what to do and how you want it to be done it’s very likely they won’t to do it the way we would wish.

But relying on employees to pick things up as they go along can lead to picking up bad habits, mixed messages and ultimately poor performance and wasted resources.

And depending on experienced team members to pass on their skills to others is risky; just because they are good at doing something doesn’t necessarily mean they’re willing or able to explain it to others.

So customer service skills training is a fundamental part of delivering the type of outstanding service that customers remember.

There are many things that can get in the way of us conducting training: the day-to-day pressures of the operation, not having the skills or resources to write your own programme, or we simply feel we need a fresh perspective.

Of course there are plenty of open courses and off the shelf programmes to choose from.

But …

  • How well do they relate to YOUR business?
  • And is a one off course really what you want?

Writing your own material takes time, effort and skill. So let me do the hard work for you so you can get on with running your business.

All my training programmes and packages are tailored to meet the client’s specific training needs, which means that:

  • It focusses on your specific objectives putting the emphasis where you most need it
  • The content is relevant and meaningful to the delegates
  • You can involve your line managers in the design so you get their buy-in
  • Demonstrate your commitment to customer service
    customer service skills
  • Bespoke Training Delivered In House

    If you don’t yet have the time or expertise to deliver the customer service training in house, or you simply need to raise the profile by bringing in an external provider.


  • Train the Trainer

    Support and coach the team to build confidence and embed new behaviours


Putting together quality customer service skills training material takes time and effort! Let me do that for you…

The National Coastal Tourism Academy has worked with Caroline at Naturally Loyal for two years now. During that time her skills as a trainer and in an advisory capacity have been invaluable. She has helped the NCTA develop its online training provision for tourism employees on the south coast and many of these have also benefited from both her face to face training sessions. Feedback has been excellent, and we look forward to continuing this fruitful relationship.

Jacky Thorne, National Coastal Tourism Academy



So just what can we expect as a return on our investment in customer service training?

You can…

  • Be confident that your team will be giving each of your customers a warm welcome and great service throughout the customer journey
  • Ensure consistency in the service your customers receive each and every time they visit or do business with you so they won’t be disappointed on their second, seventh or even 70th visit
  • Generate ideas from your team for delivering even better service so you can get their full buy in as you tweak your approach and keep exceeding your customers’ expectations with each visit they makes
  • Encourage your team to obtain valuable feedback from your customers each time they visit so you can identify what’s of most value and make continuous improvements to meet the customers’ needs and build long term loyalty
  • Give your team the skills and authority to handle complaints effectively for a win-win and ensure any negative feedback is resolved before the customer leaves or concludes their business with you – minimising the likelihood of negative comments on social media or damaging your hard earned reputation
  • Capture details so that you can build that all important database so you can continue to keep in touch with your customers to stay on their radar and generate more repeat business
  • Motivate and engage your team resulting in a happy team who’s enthusiasm rubs off onto your customer

The obvious benefits of providing sound customer service skills training for your team means that they can do a great job to the standard you and your customers expect.

It’s a fundamental part of delivering the type of outstanding service your customers remember, that keeps them coming back and encourages them to recommend you to others.