Pageants, Processions and Pride

I swear I wasn’t the only one with a tear in my eye as we watched the closing moments of Dame Kelly Holmes’ two gold medal winning races and that proud moment as she stood on the medal rostrum to the sound of the National Anthem. The word she used to sum up how she felt was ‘Pride’, and this was repeated a year later when she heard the news that London had won the Olympic bid.

In the UK we’ve certainly had plenty of our own proud moments over the past week with all the pageants and processions of the Diamond Jubilee.

So what’s this got to do with running a successful hospitality businesses?

When I am presenting anything to do with customer service I often ask my audience to share something they are proud of either at work or home, past or present. It’s amazing to see the transformation in people as they share their proud moments. Their whole physiology changes, their eyes light up, there’s a sense of energy and enthusiasm about them that really projects a ‘can do’ attitude.

Creating that sense of pride can be projected into our businesses too.

Do you have a business and an offering you are really proud of? Rest assured if you aren’t proud of what you do and are prepared to shout about it, your team and suppliers won’t take much pride either and this will certainly have an impact on the quality of product and service your customers receive.

If you wouldn’t want to stay in your hotel, eat in your restaurant or drink in your bar, why on earth would your customers? If you’re not proud of what you do, change it! Find something you are passionate about and is authentic to you.  Home in on one or two specific offerings that are your real stars of the show, that you can proud of and shout about, and which make you stand out. (And don’t be afraid to charge accordingly.) Make this something that appeals to a cross section of your target audience and for any given time of day or type of event, so this almost becomes your signature offering.

And if you are proud of this, it will be so much easier for your suppliers and team to show their own pride too and rave about this to all your customers.

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