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7 Reasons Why Customer Service Training Fails

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Author: Caroline Cooper

If you’re frustrated that your customer service training isn’t working, and you’re not giving your customers a consistent customer service download my Free Guide on”7 Reasons why Customer Service Training Fails” and how to get your customer service training delivering REAL results.


21 Ways to Wow your Customer

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Author: Caroline Cooper

Here are 21 Ways to Wow your Customers to help you boost sales, get more referrals and get more business from your existing customers – to create natural loyalty and ultimately generate more profit for your business.


7 Big Mistakes

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Author: Caroline Cooper

The 7 big mistakes experience-based businesses unwittingly make that lets £’000 worth of repeat business slip through their fingers, and how to avoid them.


Recruit First on Attitude Then on Aptitude

4 Hoteliers April 2015

Author: Caroline Cooper

Can a leopard change his spots? Having a happy, motivated and productive team is critical to delivering great customer service and your team can be your point of differentiation. So what is the secret to having an engaged, motivated and eager to please team who will deliver outstanding customer service?

What so many people focus on are the skills at the expense of the attitude. We then end up recruiting on aptitude, but firing on attitude!


How to Engage your Team in Training

Customer Experience Magazine March 2015

Author: Caroline Cooper

There’s nothing more frustrating for a trainer to see a sea of glum faces in front of them, and know that the minute the delegates walk out of the meeting room it will be back to business as normal, acting on nothing they’ve heard in the training. And when staff training is so important to ensure consistency and a great customer experience how can you get the team engaged in training?


Asking for Feedback

Hotel Industry Magazine October 2014

Author: Caroline Cooper

You know that moment when you ask for feedback and they say one thing but hear a different message. That’s the beauty of face to face feedback. Not just for hotels, but any business. In this article I suggest 7 reasons not to rely on questionnaires


5 Tips to Having a Successful Team

Planday Blog February 2015

Author: Caroline Cooper

Having a happy, motivated and productive team is key to excellent customer service, maintaining sales and controlling costs. Your team can be your point of differentiation so what is the secret to keeping your team engaged, motivated and eager to please you and your customers? Here are my top 5 tips for any hospitality or leisure business.


Do your customers suffer from buyers’ remorse?

Customer Experience Magazine September 2014

I’m sure you, like me, have made purchases – maybe bought a new pair of shoes, ordered a new car, or booked a holiday – only to reflect afterwards if we’ve done the right thing. That period between ordering the product or making the booking and it arriving are critical to the customer experience and their perception.


Stop Guessing, Start Asking

Customer Experience Magazine April 2014

What’s employee engagement got to do with the customer experience you ask? Well, have you ever had a good experience when served by someone who wasn’t engaged? A happy team generally equals happy customers. So find out what makes them happy.


5 Ways to Acknowledge Loyalty

Hotel Industry Magazine January 2014 Author: Caroline Cooper

It’s estimated two thirds of customers will fail to return if they feel unappreciated. It’s the number one reasons businesses lose customers. Here are 5 things you can be going, if you’re not already, to keep your customers coming back.


What do Your Customers Remember Most About Their Customer Experience?

4 Hoteliers January 2014

What’s the very last thing your customers see, hear, smell, taste or feel as they leave? Whatever happens in the last few moments of their transaction will undoubtedly influence their lasting impression.


Top Tips on Loyalty

Brooklands Radio 24 October 2013

Here’s a short (10 minute) interview I did for Brooklands Radio


Do You Love Your Customers?

Customer Experience Magazine October 2013

Do you have customers who the minute they walk through the door you know they’re going to be spell trouble? We’ve all meet them, those who simply don’t appreciate what you offer, or with whom you’ve absolutely nothing in common, and no connection. They’re hard work…


It’s more than just a card

4 Hoteliers 15 May 2013

According to a recent Accenture report the UK has the biggest percentage of people telling their friends about poor experiences; so to build loyalty is it just about having a loyalty card?


Last Impressions Count too…

Customer Experience Magazine 8 April 2013 Author: Caroline Cooper We sometimes put so much energy into a positive first impression that we then forget all about the lasting impression. What is the impression that stays with your customers when they leave your businesses or complete their transaction? What will be the lasting memory that stays with them when they’re thinking about buying or booking again, telling their friends or colleagues, or telling the world on social media or review sites about their experience?

5 Ways to Reward Your Team

Hotel Industry Magazine 26 March 2013 Author: Caroline Cooper

Unless your team feel valued they’re not likely to give their best and to deliver the type of customer experience either you or your guests expect.


What do You Want to be Famous For?

4 Hoteliers 22 March 2013

Once you’re famous for one thing you’ll not only attract the attention of your perfect customers….

5 strategies for developing customer service

Hotel News Now December 12, 2012 Author: Caroline Cooper It’s no longer enough to just deliver good or even great customer service. If you want to give your guests a reason to return, customer service needs to be outstanding and will “wow” your guests.

The Jewel in the Crown: How to reward your staff

Big Hospitality 10 December 2012 Article by Luke Nicholls with ‘Expert’s View’ by Caroline Cooper That age-old cliché of staff being your most important asset is as true now as it ever has been in the hospitality industry. In such a difficult economic environment, rewarding staff for above-average performance could be an effective way of your business gaining an edge and taking share from rivals, without requiring any significant capital investment.


Desk Deliveries and Power Lunches: How to boost your lunchtime trade

Big Hospitality 19 November 2012 Article by Luke Nicholls with ‘Expert’s View’ by Caroline Cooper The UK’s lunch market, already worth £14.9bn to the foodservice sector, looks set to occupy a growing share of overall sales in the next 12 months as consumers are looking for something quick, cheap and easy to eat.

The Power of Personal Touches

Hotel Industry Magazine 9th October 2012 Article by Caroline Cooper It’s certainly the personal touches that can transform an average stay into a truly memorable one. People want to be made to feel at home and it’s the personal touches that count. (Turn to page 22)

Complaints: How feedback can drive your business forward

The Caterer and Hotelkeeper 15th October 2012 Article by Tom  Vaughan with contributions from Caroline Cooper Hoteliers and restaurateurs often worry about getting complaints. But with the right approach and processes in place, when it comes to feedback you could find that those grievances can really drive your business forward.

Could offering bespoke cocktails boost your drink sales?

Big Hospitality 28 August 2012 Article by Luke Nicholls with ‘Expert’s View’ by Caroline Cooper With London Cocktail Week taking place in October, BigHospitality takes a look at the burgeoning trend of restaurants and hotels offering bespoke and themed cocktails to run in line with current events or to give them a point of difference – how much of an impact can these cocktail creations have on your overall drinks sales?

Customer Loyalty: How to Retain Loyal Guests

Hotel June 18, 2012 Author: Caroline Cooper With customer loyalty at the top of the hotelier agenda, here I share my top 10 tips on how to retain loyal guests.

Something to Write Home About: Ideas for your Hotel Blog and Newsletters

Hotel August 8, 2012 Author: Caroline Cooper Why is it then, that when it comes to writing our blog or articles for newsletters that we dry up on ideas? Here are some of my suggestions for creating compelling content for your hotel blog and newsletter.

Embracing guest feedback leads to success

Hotel News Now August 16, 2012 Author: Caroline Cooper Do you look forward to reading your reviews, or does the very idea that someone has felt compelled to post a review fill you with dread? Getting feedback from your customers is essential to gauge whether what you’re offering is right for your target audience. Whether it’s positive or negative and whether you agree with it or not, customer reviews are a key to the success of any business.

Do your guests suffer from buyer’s remorse?

Hotel News Now June 22, 2012 Author: Caroline Cooper That period between making the booking and arriving at the hotel can either fill your guests with anticipation, or concern. Once guests have booked your hotel, it’s easy to simply forget about them until the day they arrive. But the best operators keep in touch with guests to ensure they’re looking forward to their stays. Here are some easy ways to do just that.

The Hotel Success Handbook

MX Publications March 2010 Authors: Caroline Cooper, Lucy Whittington Practical sales and marketing actions, ideas and tips to get results for your hotel, B&B or guest accommodation

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