Would you love to have a team of
service superstars?

We know receiving outstanding service invariably tempts us to spend more; to come back a second or third time and makes us more confident to refer that business to our family, friends or colleagues.

But even when the team have had all the right training, and they’re making all the right moves, the service can sometimes still leave us feeling cold.

It’s the experience you create for customers that gets remembered. Getting this right creates customer loyalty - reducing the strain on your marketing budget and ultimately leading to more profit.

So how do you create Service Superstars who have that ability to leave your customers feeling totally loyal to your business?

Creating Service Superstars tells you how...

This is some of the feedback I’ve had to date…

“I love love love your book.  I can hear you in the pages.  Much of what we discussed is echoed here in your book.  This tells me that you have a command of your craft and are a true subject matter expert.

“I find the book extremely easy to read and easy to follow.  I love how your examples cover various industries. I find the “Actions” section at the end of the chapters very helpful.

“I consider you an authority on the topic and am so humbled you asking me to read your book pre-release."


“I think it is fabulous, I started off thinking this is exactly how I think and I want to give it to my staff telling them that this is what I am talking about, please read it three times over and start embracing! I think for some people it will be a light on moment."

“Caroline’s new book is a treasure trove of ideas for any customer service team member – and any manager or leader involved in this critical area of the business. In fact – it should be mandatory reading for anyone who touches a customer – regardless of their job title or function.

“This book is a self-learning tool anyone interested in improving service will benefit from as they apply the ideas, methods and systems.”

“ Creating Superstars is an essential guide for the service industry, whichever sector you work in. This book brings to life Caroline’s  extremely effective customer service  workshops. Starting with a  clear vision from the leaders to enthusing the team and generating that essential oxygen of customer loyalty.

“I do not hesitate in recommending this book to anyone who really wants to grow their business.”

The service your customers receive and how this leaves them feeling is your single biggest marketing opportunity. It becomes part of your brand and the number one way to differentiate your business from your competition.

Don’t leave it to chance.