Customer Journey Planning

5 Star Audit ~ Customer Journey PlanningFrom Point A to Point B

This is a one day intensive conducted in house, developing your own customer journey audit to reflect your own customer service brand values. It will highlight gaps in your customer journey, and home in on ways you can improve your customers’ experience, without the expense of mystery shoppers.

  • It’s what can make the difference between an average customer experience and something that wows your customer and gives them every reason to return.
  • It’s what makes the difference between a nit picking customer and one that appreciates everything you do and overlooks the odd minor glitch.
  • It’s the difference between a negative review on social media or a glowing testimonial and referring you to all their friends.
  • It’s the difference between a one off visit and a long term loyal customer who comes back time and time again.

Having your own audit enables you to

  • Identify operational shortfalls or gaps in your systems before they become a problem
  • Use prior to peak times or following refurbishments or maintenance work to check everything is working as it should be
  • As a regular routine periodic check involving your team in the process and gain their buy in
  • Use as part of your induction for new starters to give some structure to their orientation and familiarisation of your services and offers before you let them lose on your customers
  • As a customer service training exercise to help staff see and appreciate what the customer sees
  • Enable you to see everything from a customer’s perspective, to add an objective viewpoint and get a fresh pair of eyes on what you see every day and may become oblivious to
  • Identify priorities for maintenance, systems and training that will give you the greatest return

And the beauty of developing this in house means you can involve your team and get their total buy-in.

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