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Customer Service Training Materials

“How to Get Your Team Delivering Amazing Customer Experiences…” wow your customers and get them talking about you and coming back for more…..


If your customers come to you for the experience they get, you’ll want to ensure this is the best experience it can be.

And we all know that doesn’t happen by magic….

Like me, you know you need to do some customer service training with your team. And keep that alive with regular refreshers.

But it’s one of those things that just gets put off time and again because…..

….nobody has got the time to sit down and put together a programme.


Well, I’ve done the hard work for you!


Here’s a ready-made customer service training programme for you covering all the basics you need and including over 8 hours of input.

So you can develop your own Ambassadors of  Customer Experiences  to wow your customers to get them talking about you… and coming back for more

These modules have taken the hard graft out or preparing your training, so you can get on with tailoring for your own business and deliver in house, tomorrow.   All you have to do is add in your own examples, and off you go.

So, if you have the skills in house to deliver, but just haven’t got the time to prepare the material here’s the easy and obvious solution for you……

Without the expense of bringing in an external trainer.


In this pack you’ll get all the materials you need to run your own in house programme to deliver an Amazing Customer Experience…. every time

Plus you’ve the flexibility to keep up to date with any new starters, so they get the same training as everyone else.


These modules have been developed for you to tailor for your own business and deliver in house.


This pack means you can:

  • Get started on your customer service training tomorrow
  • Involve your management team in the programme content so you have total buy in
  • Use the master template to tailor the content to reflect your own situation and needs
  • Break the content down into short sharp sessions to suit your own schedules
  • Personalise or brand the content and materials to match your internal image
  • Develop the material to use as and when you need a top
  • Keep all your new starters up to the same standard as everyone else


In short it’s ideal for businesses who want to deliver their own training in-house but don’t have time to build a program from scratch.

Ensuring you can still get the training delivered to enable you and your team to deliver amazing customer experiences every day so

  • You get consistency every day so the level of service a customer gets isn’t just luck of the draw
  • You’re not being badgered every time there’s a customer query
  • Your team use their initiative to spot opportunities for additional sales, so you’re not leaving cash on the table
  • Complaints get resolved quickly and easily before they become a problem (or worse still end up on an online review site)
  • Your team are confident in their customer facing roles, so they’re able to get on with it without your full time supervision, so you’re not fretting when you need to take a day out of your business that your customers wont be getting the same level of service as when you’re there


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The content covers:

8 hours of training material covering:

Module One: Delivering Great Service: An Introduction to Customer Service

Module Two: Adding value and Boosting Sales

Module Three: Handling Feedback and Leaving a Lasting Impression


Deliver them all together, or each module can be run as a stand-alone programme to suit your own business needs.

Ideal as a top up or refresher.

You might even prefer to dip in and out of them taking one topic per team meeting.  The choice is yours…..

It does what it says ‘on the tin’ i.e. enables you to develop your team into Ambassadors of Customer Experiences, so you can be confident they can consistently deliver amazing customer experiences….


Which means you can:



  • Be confident that your team will be giving each of your customers a warm welcome and great service throughout the customer journey
  • Ensure consistency in the service your customers receive each and every time they visit so they won’t be disappointed on their second, seventh or even 70th visit
  • Generate ideas from your team for delivering even better service so you can get their full buy in as you tweak your approach and keep exceeding your customers’ expectations with each visit they make
  • Encourage your team to obtain valuable feedback from your customers each time they visit so you can identify what’s of most value and make continuous improvements to meet the customers’ needs and build long term loyalty
  • Give your team the skills and authority to handle complaints effectively for a win-win and ensure any negative feedback is resolved before the customer leaves – minimising the likelihood of negative comments on social media
  • Capture details so that you can build that all important database and continue to keep in touch with your customers to promote new ideas and offers and generate more repeat business


But in addition to this training prompts a higher their level of engagement from your team


This will give you the following knock-on results:

  • Your customers will get their experience from happy staff, which means more sales and greater customer loyalty and repeat business
  • Lower staff turnover so you save on recruitment costs, the headache of staff shortages, and ensure a consistent level of service for your customers
  • Better productivity and lower absenteeism which enables you to contain labour costs without compromising on service levels
  • More effective use of resources to keep wastage to a minimum and control costs
  • Clarity and confidence in their role, resulting in better customer service, increased productivity, and reduced absenteeism
  • A willingness to cover and support each other at peak times so your customers get a seamless service and you don’t need to depend on unreliable temporary staff
  • Knowledge and confidence to offer other services and up-sell when appropriate helping to increase sales (on the right products and services) and boost profit margins
  • More confidence to use their initiative and get things done quicker, taking the pressure off you and your managers and supervisors
  • You’ll be confident that your team can cope without you so you can focus on working on your business rather than being perpetually sucked into the day-to-day operation (and enable you to take a well earned break when you need to).


Each module includes:

  • A one page handy overview for the session including timings and a list of resources needed so you can plan easily
  • Full session objectives and outcomes so you know what results to expect and can brief your team accordingly
  • Session notes and prompts where you need to add your own relevant examples
  • Exercise templates with examples, which you personalise for your own business and add in relevant examples
  • PowerPoint slides (if you wish to use them) on a blank template to enable you to add your own company branding
  • Suggested ice breakers and energisers so you can keep the energy levels up and engage your delegates

All delivered to your door and in an instantly downloadable format for you to personalise to your own needs and business as you wish


What you won’t be getting…..

Product knowledge – everyone’s business is different, even down to the description of a cup of coffee. You’ll need to work with your team to define your products and services, identifying what makes them different or of interest to your customers. in fact you might even decide to do this as part of the training!

Operational procedures – again every site is different. If you don’t yet have procedures in place for dealing with certain customer facing situations you might do this in line with the training, but of course allowing extra time to cover this important aspect.


Your investment for the ‘done for you’

Ambassadors of Customer Experience training package:

Just £397

That’s £397 which could save you hours or even days of preparation, and get your training delivered before any of your hard earned customers have an excuse to go elsewhere.


Here’s what you get:

  • Your three part folder containing each of the modules, trainer’s guidance notes and slides for you to make notes and add to as you wish
  • And while you’re waiting for that to arrive you’ll have immediate access to all the materials in an instantly downloadable format using Word and PowerPoint files, so you can get started right away




No risk guarantee

This is all material and exercises I have used myself over many years of training in various different hospitality, tourism and leisure businesses. So I’m confident they’ll work for you too.

This is why I offer a 100% money back guarantee.

If you feel that the materials aren’t suitable and aren’t worth what you’ve invested I’ll refund your full investment so long as you let me know within 6 months of purchases.

100%! No reason needed. (Although I love having feedback so I hope you’d tell me why!)


… or call me on 01403 752487 or email for more information


Caroline has planned and delivered two excellent staff training courses for Bedgebury.She has the ability to translate client needs and aspirations into fun and active training courses.Caroline is a highly skilled and motivational facilitator with excellent questioning technique. Her delivery is well paced and focused on the end outcomes and this is coupled with a sensitivity and flexibility to individual needs.Course feedback from our staff and volunteers has been excellent they have enjoyed the course, learnt new skills and developed an awareness of themselves and their team.From our experience of working with Caroline we have no hesitation in recommending her.From Jo Pappenheim, Membership and Volunteer Co-ordinator and Mark Clixby, Recreation Manager at Bedgebury National Pinetum and Forest


p.s. The obvious benefits of providing sound training for your team means that they can do a great job to the standard you and your customers expect. The better the experience your team give your customers the more they spend, and the more likely they are to come back and recommend you to their friends


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