Getting Customer Feedback

Understanding what your customers think and feel gives valuable insights and opportunities for continuous improvement. Handled correctly it provides an opportunity to remedy any shortfalls and leaves the customer with a positive last impression. Feedback services we offer are:

Feedback Design Starter Packages

The sooner you can gather customer feedback the sooner you can start acting on it. But you must be asking the right questions and at the right time!

So you can get set up with your feedback as quickly as possible here are two options depending on your preferred format:

Online Surveychecklist

If you’re looking for mass follow ups to customers you’re probably thinking of an online or email format. This option will provide you with the format and questions for an online survey based on your objectives.

Step 1

½ hour Skype interview so I can clarify your objectives, the factors you need to measure and your target audience.

Step 2

I write your survey questions so all you need to do is load these onto your preferred survey platform.

Online Survey design £147 + VAT

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Direct Customer Feedback

Whilst surveys will provide you with valuable data, the feedback can be one way, so does little to engage with the customer, and can sometimes come too late to resolve any issues. Direct customer feedback will always be your most valuable form of feedback

Step 1

½ hour Skype interview so I can clarify your objectives, peak points on your customer journey and your target audience.

Step 2

I provide you with a bank of questions for you and your team can use at specific points on the customer journey to get timely feedback.

Direct Customer feedback question bank £147 + VAT

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