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Do you need some support and accountability to achieve what you want?

  • Are you frustrated that you’re not sure exactly what actions you need first to take to start achieving your goals?
  • Do you know what you need to do, but lack the accountability?
  • Do you find it difficult to stay focused on what you need to achieve?
  • Have you tried to move things forward in the past and so far are just not managed to succeed?

Coaching packages with one-to-one support from Caroline start from £297 per month. There is a minimum commitment of three months for any coaching programme.


What you get:

  • A minimum of 1 x 90 minute telephone coaching session per month (you can increase the frequency to weekly, fortnightly, or every three weeks; whatever format and structure suits your needs best)
  • Fortnightly accountability where you report on progress, record successes and ask for specific support on any areas where you are struggling; to keep you on track, maintain momentumget you into the habit of taking action
  • Emergency e-mail support for those one-off queries between sessions


The results:

  • Actions: total clarity about what you need to work on following each session
  • Accountability: to help you keep on track
  • Achievements: a continual review of the results achieved so you know exactly what’s working and what’s not so you can continue to achieve results long after our coaching relationship has ended


Your investment

Three-month programme (based on one session per month) ~ £890
6 session package ~ £1650
12 session package ~ £2500

Take Action Package installment plan

Number of payments 3
Start payments At checkout
Due* Amount
At checkout £297.00 GBP
Every 4 weeks (x 2)—————— £297.00 GBP
Total——————————————£891.00 GBP
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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This programme might also be suitable for key members of your team to help with their day-to-day management, leadership, getting the best from their team, or in helping them to take on new responsibilities. If you’d like to discuss how we can structure this to help you get the best from your team, drop me a line with a contact number and I’ll call you back to discuss. caroline@zealcoaching.com or call me on +44 (0)1403 752487

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