Train the Trainer

Give Your Team the Skills to Train In House

You might like the idea of a DIY programme, but are not sure that your team are ready to deliver the programme.

Or we’ve already worked together to create the perfect customer service programme for your business and you now want to continue to deliver this in house.


  • Your team are new or lack experience
  • They lack the confidence to run it themselves
  • You feel they are 95% of the way there but just need a bit of a helping hand

Give your team the skills to coach, train and mentor your team

I currently run a range of in house group management skills programmes, including train the trainer, and for smaller teams can work one to one to hone your skills.

To ensure your team are fully prepared and confident you’ve four options

Option one

A one day full on train the trainer workshop on site with your team.

This one day workshop will guide your team through the essentials of delivering an effective training workshop. This will enable them to:

  • Deliver group training to their team
  • Engage their teams so that everyone gets involved and participate fully in the training
  • Practise delivery techniques that get people’s attention and make the training memorable
  • Devise checking methods to assess people’s learning and commitment to action, so they can be confident content will be put into practice after the training

This is a very participate programme and is limited to a maximum of 6 delegates.

It is based on the assumption that participants are already familiar with the subject matter they will be delivering, and need to come prepared with the equivalent of 20 -25 minutes’ worth of material


Your investment
£850 (+VAT and expenses)

Option two

1 day workshop with your team tailoring the programme and supporting them to deliver the ‘DIY’ customer service programme in house

Your investment
£850 (+VAT and expenses)

Option three

A combination of options 1 and 2 delivered over two consecutive days

Your investment
£1500 (+VAT and expenses)

Option four

One hour tutorial on the phone to support your trainer prior to delivery

Your investment
With Tailor made: No additional charge
With DIY Off the shelf: £97 (+VAT)
Stand alone: £197 (+VAT)


Any one of the Train the Trainer options means that:

  • You get total buy in to the programme from your team
  • Build your team’s confidence as we review each session
  • You’ll have the reassurance that they can continue to deliver in house into the future
  • You’ll be able to build on these skills to apply to other training needs within the team
  • You’ll be demonstrating to your team the importance of the programme
  • Demonstrate to your team that they have your support

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