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Attention hospitality business owners
with managers or supervisors on furlough

"How to Re-engage, Re-energise and Rebuild Your Team After Lockdown"

Three months or more at home; coming back to work is going to be a big shock to the system for your team.

They may be feeling insecure about their job

For some their priorities have changed and they'll be resenting returning to work after so much quality time with family or pursuing their hobbies

Even some of your best people have lost their mojo and enthusiasm for their job

But look at it another way….

It’s a fantastic time for a fresh start.

You have time to reflect, to review your standards and processes, and to take stock of your number one asset – your team.

Motivation of employees was already one of the biggest challenges organisations faced. And that was before the Lockdown.

According to Research by Gallup/Bain & Company engaged staff 44% more productive than staff who are merely satisfied.

And inspired staff are 125% more productive than staff who are merely ‘satisfied’.

Wouldn’t you like to achieve that in your business?

Whilst I don’t believe leaders or managers can motivate their team per se (motivation has to come from within) they can at least create an environment and culture in which individual engagement can grow and flourish.

Loyal, passionate employees benefit a company as much as dedicated customers. They stay longer, work more creatively, and go the extra mile.

And they will be critical for helping get your business back to its former glory when you reopen for business or go back to business as normal.

Fresh Start is designed to get you and your management team off to a flying start; to be prepared to make that fresh start before the lockdown is over, to make the best use of the ‘downtime’ right NOW.

Why join the programme now

      • Furthering your skills to lead and engage your team effectively when you get back to work
      • Increasing your confidence in getting the best from your team from day one
      • Keeping your brain active so it’s less of a shock getting back to work
      • Demonstrate your commitment to your role and towards your team

Who is the programme for?

      • Owners and managers who directly manage front line team members who have been affected by the lockdown.
      • If you rely on a team of line managers, heads of department or supervisors with minimal management skills this is an ideal way to get them started at how they lead and engage to get the best from their teams, particularly when they return after lockdown.

How will it increase your team's performance?

Of course, every business is different, and every team is different. Each of you have your own challenges, targets, characteristics and dynamics. So, I can't tell you exactly what results you'll be able to measure at the end of the Fresh Start programme

What I CAN tell you is this:

As you work through the complete programme with me, you'll see how you can make some clear differences when you and/or your team return to work:

      • Clarity on how to create a fully engaged team of people - so that you don't have to spend half your life checking on people and chasing up on actions
      • A plan for efficient working that capitalises on everyone's strengths – so you can go home at the end of the day knowing that things are taken care of whilst you’re not there
      • How you can build confidence, capability willingness of your team to take ownership of problems and challenges before they become big issues.
      • Clear focus so you can have everyone working towards a common goal, resulting in greater productivity and less wastage on labour
      • And ultimately an improved bottom line profit to show your owners, investors or the bank as a result of your hard work.

What we’ll be covering

      • Explore some of the topics covered in Lessons on Leadership, but we’ll have time to go into much more depth and specifics

Plus we’ll cover

      • How to coach and support your team to excel at their responsibilities
      • How to get your team engaged in delivering a knock your socks off customer experience
      • Managing Change so you get buy in and create new ways of working
      • Realising people potential so you continue to engage, develop and retain your talent
      • Optional module on Recruiting and onboarding new staff so you tap into their fresh perspectives, create loyalty and get them up and running as quickly as possible with minimum disruption to the rest of the team

What’s included in the programme:

7 modules of

      • Live 90 minute weekly webinars going into depth on one key leadership principle
      • Action checklists to help you keep on track in implementing what you’ve learnt
      • Your personal workbook to download and record your own ideas and intentions so you have something to refer back to keep yourself accountable
      • Recordings of each session to review and replay as often as you like (and if you have to miss a session)
      • An MP3 audio of each meeting so you can listen/remind yourself of the core messages (and even learn whilst on the move if you want).
      • An optional activity to stretch more experienced teams and managers

The content covers:

7 interactive training modules + optional 1:1 or team mentoring to support you in implementation covering ...

  • Interactive webinars

    Weekly 90 minutes in depth sessions with Q&A

  • Personal Workbooks

    Session workbooks to download and record your own ideas and intentions

  • Checklists and Templates

    Templates and action checklists to tailor and implement in your own business

  • Session Recordings

    Webinar recordings and mp3 version for listening on the move

Optional additional support includes 

  • 1:1 Mentoring Sessions

    To help you get the most from the programme and support you in applying the principles in your own role

  • Post opening support

    1:1 implementation support post opening

  • Team Mentoring Sessions

    Mentoring and securing agreement on actions for up to 5 managers within the same team

  • Tailored programme

    Exclusive sessions tailored to your business for up to 8 participants

The entire programme is delivered online and digitally so you and your team have access from the safety of your own home.

Your investment

I know cash flow is tight right now for everyone, so I want to make this as affordable as possible. I’ve put together 4 options to choose from depending on the number of participants and the level of support you feel you need to implement the programme:

    • Live 90 minute interactive weekly webinars
    • Your personal workbook
    • Action checklist and templates
    • Digital recordings of all sessions
    • Optional activities to review and implement post opening
    • Best suited to managers who have someone in the business to hold you accountable and support you where needed
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    Fresh Start Solo

    • Live 90 minute interactive weekly webinars
    • Your personal workbook
    • Digital recordings of all sessions
    • Optional activities to review and implement post opening
    • 1:1 mentoring and accountability 3 x 20 minute calls
    • 1:1 review and implementation planning session prior to opening
    • Best suited to managers who know they need support and accountability
    Enrol Me Now

    Fresh Start Together

    Team Plus
    • 7 x 90 minute exclusive sessions based on the core content, tailored to your business for up to 8 participants
    • Branded workbooks
    • Digital recordings of all sessions
    • Tailored recommendations for further activities post opening
    • 1 x 60 minute team strategic review post opening to make your action plan a reality by supporting progress; inputting ideas and helping you overcome any blocks to embed new ways of working
    • Best suited to businesses with very specific training and support requirements
    I'd like to discuss a bespoke package with Caroline

    Team Plus