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Managing the Customer Experience

Programmes and Services

To really give your customers a full 5 Star Customer Experience you’ll need to look beyond the standard customer service training programme, and review all 5 key ingredients that make up a 5 Star Customer Experience.


With most of my clients we sit down and devise a programme tailored specifically to your business and your objectives. .

Sometimes this is just a short sharp injection of new ideas to re energise the team, covering just one or two of the key ingredients.

And at others it’s a long term culture change that’s needed and we might work together for a number of months, going into detail on three, four or maybe all five ingredients.

As well as working one on one, here’s a flavour of some of the most common group programmes I might deliver:


Your Customer Service Brand Values

The best place to start any customer service programme is to review your customer service brand values and what these mean to you, your team and to your customers and the customer experience.  This can be done in what I term a “Build Your Service BRAND” session. This is a two phase process. We’ll initially to agree the non-negotiable aspects of the customer experiences, followed by a full day or ¾ day together with your team (or a cross section of your team  – ensuring all departments are represented) to map out your customer service brand values, so everyone has had their say, is involved and knows what’s expected of them. In essence we define what makes you Brilliant, Remarkable, Amazing, Noticeable, or Different More details here


5 Star Audit ~ Customer Journey Planning

This is a one day intensive conducted in house, developing your own customer journey audit to reflect your own customer service brand values. It will highlight gaps in your customer journey, and means you can involve your team and get their total buy-in. More details on Customer Journey Planning here


5 Month 5 Star VIP

This is a series of one day intensives conducted in house, developing and refining your own 5 Star Customer Experience. Each month we’ll home in one on aspect, and build up to a complete system. We’ll keep in touch between each monthly session with weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions to ensure you have all the guidance and support you need to iron out niggles and embed the process as we go. And of course you’ll get all the resources, checklists and cheat sheets you need to make it as easy as possible. This is a tailored programme. To discuss how this might work for you get in touch here.


See Customer Care Training for details of sample workshops on customer service skills

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