Customer Service Values

Your Customer Service Brand Values

You can’t sustain a great customer experience unless your team want into what you’re doing and are aligned with yours and your customers’ expectations.

Although this starts with the recruitment process and ensuring that everyone in your team is likeable and dedicated to providing a great service, there are still areas where they will need training, development and support.

Communicate Expectations

If you want your team to feel a part of something then you need to tell them what’s going on and why. This means understanding your values (and signing up to live by these), understanding your customers’ expectations, and then being given the appropriate knowledge, skills, authority and confidence to meet these.


So the best place to start..

….any customer service programme is to review your customer service values and what these mean to you, your team and to your customers and the customer experience.


If you already have these in place and they are a part of your everyday operation, that’s great news.

If not now is the perfect time to review them.

This can be done in what I term a “Build Your Service BRAND” session.

How does this work?

Phase 1

We’ll initially meet (in person or online) for an hour or so to discuss the culture of your business, and your expectations for your team. We’ll agree the non-negotiable aspects of the customer experiences.

Phase 2

We spend a full day or ¾ day together with your team (or a cross section of your team  – ensuring all departments are represented) to map out your customer service values, so everyone has had their say, is involved and knows what’s expected of them. In essence we define what makes you Brilliant, Remarkable, Amazing, Noticeable, or Different

Does it really take this long?

In my experience yes!

To do them justice every business I’ve worked with has needed at least ¾ day.

On occasions I’ve been brow beaten into trying to squeeze the session into ½ day or even 3 hours.

But all that happens is they then say “we aren’t quite done yet, can we spend more time on them” or “Can you come back?”


What we’ll work on:

  • We’ll have an initial discussion on your vision and culture and agree on your non negotiables
  • Define your values ensuring the whole management team has their say and what they think encompasses your values
  • This gains their buy in when it comes to delivering them!
  • We agree how to bring the values alive: what each value means in practical terms, what behaviours you’d expect to see and how will it be measured
  • How can the values be made memorable so they can be remembered on a day to day basis (not hidden away in a procedures manual somewhere)
  • How will these values will be communicated to their teams
  • Identifying what else needs to happen or be in place to ensure everyone can live the BRAND values


Your investment for the BRAND Values sessions

£1250 for a one day stand alone session including initial planning meeting, or £850 when run as part of an ongoing programme

Call me on 01403 752487 or email to discuss your needs.


Values and Customer Service Training.     
When we started working with Caroline we already knew that our people were great.But we wanted to harness that, and ensure we were consistently good across the brand so that the welcoming, helpful and friendly qualities that our people have were being demonstrated in all our hotels.The intention was to put it into a framework, underpinned by our values as a brand, and demonstrated by our standards of customer service delivery.We could see that Caroline’s experience in areas other than just hotels would add an additional perspective so that we didn’t simply train customer service in a prescriptive way. But through the framework of our values, created an atmosphere where it came naturally.Caroline initially ran the Values session with the senior team. What this enabled us to do was to get everything from the back of their minds to front of mind; for them to realise what it was that they were doing that gave guests such a great experience.

It gave us a starting point so that we could communicate our values effectively, to all people in our teams, and so avoiding just bandying around words that have no tangible meaning.

These values were not only incorporated into the customer service training, but also became integral to everything we do – including our selection process, and are part of any service level agreement with outside contractors to our hotels.

The customer service training Caroline delivered to the teams has been well received and influential. The messages she delivered work well, even within a multicultural and diverse team.

Since the training the team have been proactive in looking for opportunities to improve the overall guest experience, and often pick up on little details that make a big difference.

Steve Lowy – Founder and CEO umi Hotels


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