How to get Started with Email Marketing

Now you can get started with email marketing

Are you letting your hard earned customers walk away and forget you….?

I’m often amazed how few businesses use any form of follow up with their customers.getting started with email marketing

Once you’ve won the trust of a new customer your goal should be to keep them buying from you for as long as possible, increasing their lifetime value.

There are many ways to stay on your customers’ radar including PR, email, direct mail, social media, phone, scheduled meetings, speaking engagements, trade shows and networking.

Ideally any retention strategy will use a combination of these methods, but of these email marketing is by far the easiest and most cost effective way to remain visible to a large number of existing (as well as prospective) customers.

It’s never too late to get started….


So for just £7* (the cost of 3 fancy coffees) download the self help guide now so you get started with email marketing today.

And not lose out on the opportunity to stay front of mind for your customers, so when they are ready to buy, book or visit again you’re the first one they think of….


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