Profitable Promotions to Improve Hotel Occupancy and Hotel Revenue

Attention hotel owners

“Now you can run a profitable hotel promotion, to increase your hotel occupancy and hotel revenue…
without having to slash your room rates”

Dear Hotel Manager

There are 2 ways you can attract more business to your hotel, inn or guest accommodation.  The first is to slash your prices so you are cheaper than the competition.  But even if this does not bankrupt you, it still doesn’t guarantee new business, or business from the type of guests you want.

The second is to offer something so irresistible, so compelling, so different that not only do your existing customers come clambering for it, but it also creates such a buzz that they tell all their friends too.  And, of course, it’s something that increases hotel revenues and your bottom line too.

This step by step programme will take you through the stages you need to complete to put together, cost and run a HG001507-Zeal-Coaching-3d-booksuccessful promotion that ticks all these boxes, to get you more sales, improve hotel occupancy, increase hotel revenue, and ultimately, hotel growth to make more profit for your hotel.

Investing in a promotion only to find that it has cost you money can be soul destroying. Not only can it be very damaging to your bank balance, it can also have a knock on effect on your relationship with your existing customers, your reputation with prospects and on your own confidence.

Promotions are all about adding value.  And anything that adds value will attract attention and stimulate sales providing people know about it, so give people an incentive to try you out or make a return visit and set you apart from the competition. The aim of any promotion is to make something so irresistible to your customers they would be mad not to take up your offer.

The purpose of this programme is to give you a set of steps you can apply to any promotion you run for your hotel – from identifying the theme to evaluating its success.

We’ve put together this step by step programme to take you every step of the way to planning, costing and running a profitable promotion. Breaking down each stage into manageable bite sized chunks, you’ll receive one step a day for 21 days to take you through each stage at a manageable pace for you to action each step as you work your way through.

Full costing and evaluation sheets are included; so you can work out from the start whether your ideas will make money for your hotel business, not break the bank.

This is what you’ll learn:

  • How to define and tailor all your promotions to attract only the types of guests you want, and you love working with
  • Simple steps to cost your promotions to ensure a break even point which can be easily met and over achieved
  • Where to find partners to assist you in attracting customers and resourcing your promotion
  • Ways to differentiate your promotion from the scores of others out there, so you can shout about it and stand out from your competition
  • How to tailor your promotion to add value and give maximum perceived value for money to make your offer irresistible
  • How you will promote your offer to your existing customers and prospects both on and off line
  • What you need to do to plan and implement your promotion smoothly in conjunction with your other day to day business so nothing suffers
  • How to monitor and measure the success of your promotion against pre determined KPI’s to refine and perfect for next time
  • Scores of new promotion ideas to build up your own bank of potential promotions for your hotel

All this advice and more is included in the programme which you can order now

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Work at your own pace

We know you never have big chunks of time to sit down and work through a mountain of reading or exercises.  That’s why you’ll get one lesson at a time.

At this point I hear some of you say, “But I need to get this up and running right now!”  That’s no problem; if it’s easier for you to access the whole programme in one hit we’ll give you a link to do just that.

In each lesson we’ll give the theory, then let you apply that to your business.  Most days we’ll ask some questions about your own business and end with an exercise.

We’ll also give you plenty of ideas each day on the type of promotions you could run, so you can reflect on how that type of promotion might work in your hotel, inn or guest accommodation.  Not all will be right for you, but by the end of the programme you will have amassed a whole host of potential ideas to work on over the coming months, or maybe even years.

Order Your Copy Right Now!

What is it worth to you to have this level of input?  Yes, you can go it alone and make the same mistakes so many others do.  Or for just £197 you can make your life simple, by getting the step by step programme to take you through each step of the way.

This is what you’ll get:

  • One lesson per day explaining the ‘theory’
  • The opportunity to apply the principles to your own siutation each day
  • Daily ideas of promotions you can apply, building up to a set of over 60 ideas
  • Comprehensive Excel spreadsheets for you to cost out all aspects of your promotion
  • Excel templates for you to calculate your selling prices and breakeven point
  • Tools to calculate your conversion rates and review your results
  • Everything is in pdf or Excel format so it can be easily downloaded and accessed directly from your mailbox (so no waiting around for bulky packages in the mail)

That’s just £197.  Compare this with the potential cost of getting it wrong, in time, money and stress.

If you are serious about increasing your hotels revenue or hotel room occupancy without having to drop your average daily rate, or simply get fresh ideas for your hotel promotions you should buy this programme today.

Don’t miss any more opportunities to get more business and increase hotel revenue.

Best wishes

Caroline Cooper

P.S. Slashing prices is NOT the way to generate additional profit for your hotel business. This programme will give you hundreds of alternative options to stimulate a buzz and excitement and get people talking about your hotel.

P.P.S. I offer a money back guarantee. So if you don’t believe it delivers what I say it does just let me know within 30 days of purchase, and I’ll refund your money.



Order Your Copy Right Now!

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