Raising the profile of accommodation management (part 2)

Maintaining a reputation as a good employer, and publicising this, all helps to raise the profile of a career in housekeeping. Look at what gets into the press about the industry as a whole, including social media (as well as looking at what our teams are saying about us on social media).

Recognise and reward the team, and shout about our success from the rooftops. Good food, good beer, and good service all get recognition,so why shouldn’t good housekeeping?

We also want to consider what reputation housekeeping has within our own hotels. How much do other departments understand the role of the housekeeper or accommodation manager? How much profile is given to accommodation in the general running of the hotel; is housekeeping always represented at management meetings and in any key decision-making?

Promote the benefits

Let’s not hide the benefits of a career in housekeeping. It develops people in a number of transferable skills: customer service, organisational skills, an eye for detail to name but a few. And let’s not forget that housekeeping is not just about making beds and cleaning toilets! It involves linen and stock management, budgets, and as with many other hospitality careers, provides plenty of opportunities to progress up the management ladder.

Accommodation management can provide an opportunity to work in some very special locations with potential for access to a range of leisure facilities when off-duty. Unlike many other roles though, particularly in hotels, it can have the added attraction of far more sociable hours.

…..Continues tomorrow: Educating the career influencers…..

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